Being held to ransom could be financially damaging to your business in today’s digital age

An established or developing business may find its fortunes lifted with new technologies such as the cloud but with new technologies come new risks to your business. One such risk that is getting more notoriety recently is Ransomware.

Ransomware is a form of malware or a virus that prevents users from accessing their systems or data until a sum of money is paid. This is a practice that has become common place in today’s digital age and being reported on more frequently in the news.

Apart from paying the ransom, a good backup strategy is the only defence a company has against this sort of attack.

Did you know?

According to Beazley’s BBR team, in Q1 of 2019, the average ransomware demand reported was 93% higher than the 2018 average.
Their report states that 2018 saw ransomware demand £95,455 ($116,324) from businesses, this 93% increase for Q1 has seen ransomware demands skyrocket to £184,528 ($224,871).
Research from Beazley Breach Response

Wolberry Ransomware Protection

Implement Optical Disc Archiving to combat Ransomware

With the power of Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA), you can reduce the damage done by any attempt to hack or disrupt your business. Wolberry can help assist in implementing a solution that protects your business and its data from unwarranted Ransomware attacks.

The optical storage technology from Sony is beneficial in a number of key ways stated below….

Write Once Media

Once your data is written to ODA media, it can’t be changed – even by Ransomware! That means your data is safe from unwanted alterations

Minimal Errors

Low error rates from Sony ODA means you can recover data virtually error-free from backups after a Ransomware attack.

Access Your Data

Access data in any random order like a hard disk and have the freedom to recover as much as you need after a ransomware attack

Get your data faster!

With fast transfer rates, downloading data quicker from Sony ODA than the cloud on slow internet connections

Eco & Cost Friendly

Compared to tape or hard disk media, ODA doesn’t need expensive, controlled environmental conditions

User Friendly

Sony ODA technology is smple to use and it’s ideal for any size of business

Tackle any data

Handle small, medium and enterprise volumes of data from 3.3TB to 1.7PB with USB or PetaSite rack systems

Industry Certified

Sony ODA media can be used with industry leading backup solutions including Veritas NetBackup, ArcServer, NetApp StorageGrid, QStar and many others

Protect your business from ransomware with Wolberry

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