What could you use Optical Archiving for?

The uses and applications of Sony’s Optical Disc Archiving can spread across a wide variety of industries. The technology is easily adaptable and scale-able to meet the most demanding of work loads. These are some of the industries you can implement this unique storage solution within.

Business Archiving

Business Archiving

With Optical Archiving Disc 100 year lifespan, you safely secure your companies historical data without having to refresh technologies

Broadcast Archiving

Broadcast Archiving

Preserve video and media files at their highest quality and be able to access content faster with Optical Archiving with scale-able options to expand storage.

Medical Archiving

Medical Archiving

Sony Optical Disc Archive is ideal for PACS solution which requires longevity and security for patient’s personal data that is also easy to use for regular staff.

Research Archiving

Research Archiving

Collate and archive vital historical research data with Optical Archiving’s long lasting media. Preserving research data for years to come.

Use Case Video – Medical Archiving – Kindai University

Sony’s Optical Archiving storage has already been of great help to Kindai University. This use case video explains how the technology has helped them with  their genome analysis data storage.

Additional Examples of Optical Archiving Use Cases

Every business has vital information that it cannot afford to lose. Disasters can strike and affect your computers leading to loss of data. Unfortunately, more than 50% of both medium and small businesses do not have the right back up. But they are not aware of the looming danger. No one knows when an emergency can strike, or when an accident can lead to business problems.  That’s why a reliable data backup is vital.

Ideally you should backup your data in a separate medium, separate from the primary storage and not accessible by staff to protect from ransomware, malware or virus attacks.

Your backups could help you resume business operations and restore data from backups if:

  • You accidently delete or corrupt a file
  • You have a hardware of software failure
  • Your office or equipment room has a theft, fire, or flood
  • Your computer or network is infected by a virus, or ransomware

NetBackup backup and recovery software, enables you to keep your data safe on a range of media on premise or in the cloud including Sony Optical Disc Archive, LTO Tape, SATA disk or Public Cloud storage including AWS S3, Microsoft® Azure, Google Cloud Platform Storage, Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle Database Server, IBM Bluemix, Hitachi, and SwiftStack.

The National Cyber Security Centre recommend keeping a backup copy offsite to protect against virus or ransomware attacks. Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) media are Write Once Read Many (WORM) media whilst LTO provide software WORM functionality. Sony ODA are random access unlike LTO Tape and allow rapid data, file, application, and operating system recovery.

Cloud backup is dependant on Internet bandwidth transfer rates and large data sets could take weeks or months to restore. Sony ODA has the lowest total cost of ownership compared to LTO Tape and Cloud when data is retained for over 5 years due to backward compatible media that are Sony guaranteed for 100 years.

Optical DiscTapeDiskCloud
Capital OutlayMediumMediumHighNone
Capacity CostLowLowHighLow
Long Term CostLowestLowHighHigh
Shipping & LogisticsMediumMediumNoneNone
Networking CostNoneNoneLowMeium
Personnel CostLowHighLowLow
Recovery CostLowMediumLowLow

In this use case Point Intelligent storage management software works with NetApp Object Storage, LTO Tape and Sony Optical Disc Archive and Public Cloud solutions for cost-efficient data management and compliant file archival.

Point Storage Manager lets you devise policies to manage your data storage and optimise cost and performance during your data life cycle.

The three tiers have specific cost and performance properties, the “performance tier”, the “capacity tier” and the “archive tier”. Access to data stored in one or more tiers is transparent and through the “performance tier”.

While the “performance tier” consists of a storage system optimized for maximum performance, the “capacity tier” is distinguished by its high capacity. The “capacity tier” can therefore be seen as an expansion of the “performance tier”.

By contrast, the “archive tier” is designed for archiving. It offers properties which are required for compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The flexible “write once, read many” (WORM) functions of this tier enable both long term data management based on retention policies or provide air gap protection against cyber security ransomware attacks.

Thanks to storage tiering, inactive data (up to 80% of the total data pool) can be transferred to another storage level using predefined rules. This reduces cost-intensive primary storage of inactive data by moving it to more cost-effective secondary storage. Data can also be archived in line with compliance requirements.

With the help of the PoINT Storage Manager – Enterprise Edition, cost-intensive expansions to storage can be avoided and businesses can save up to 60% of their storage costs. The PoINT Storage Manager – Enterprise Edition can also realize a legally compliant archiving system in line with compliance requirements.

And finally – do you know how much data on your storage system is inactive? The PoINT File System Analyzer provides you with a free software tool to shed some light on your primary storage.

Archive your mission critical data with NETArchive, and you ELIMINATE threats of data loss and destruction.   Protect against cyber-attacks, natural disasters and even electro- magnetic pulses (EMP) that can destroy data on magnetic storage devices.  NETArchive and its predecessor have offered the ONLY storage solution that will survive the most vicious elements.   Data preservation is our business and our unique protection is NOT available from magnetic Disk and Tape based solutions.  Built for small, medium or large organizations, NETArchive offers enterprise functionality at an affordable price.

Comprehensive Data Protection and Compliance

Permanent Data Protection that cannot be altered, ransomed or deleted. Specifically designed for small, medium or large business archives that need electronic records compliance.

Active Archive with Full Automation

Automate all archive storage operations on Disk, Cloud and Compliant WORM Media. Transparently read & write to Cloud as active archive and backup storage tier.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Most secure and cost-effective Data Archiving solution for data retention for decades, not just years. Offers longevity with a 100-year media life expectancy.

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