What benefits can Optical Archiving provide?

When compared against other existing data storage solutions like Tape and Hard Disk, Optical Archiving provides benefits that don’t just help your business now but in the future as technology develops and evolves.

The key benefits of Optical Archiving can be summed up in this handy diagram.

Setting up the ODA architecture

Whether it’s one user, several users or an entire data centre, creating a network built with Sony’s Optical Disc Archiving solutions is straight forward. Wolberry will be able to advise and assist with implementing these solutions to your industry.

An example of the network layouts are available to view below, we are more than happy to go into further detail about these setups.

The storage and transfer capabilites

Archiving limits are almost endless with an Optical Archiving Petasite. With its scaleability options as well, it’s a superior alternative to Tape and Cloud storage options.

Wolberry has complied a simple break down of Optical Archiving storage solutions with how much they can store and the read / write speed available to the user.

7U Rack Space


Store up to 99TB

30 Optical Disc Cartridges

500MB/s Read

250MB/s Write

14U Rack Space


Store up to 297TB

90 Optical Disc Cartridges

Add a ODS-L60E & 4 more drives

1500MB/s Read

750MB/s Write

28U Rack Space


Store up to 495TB

150 Optical Disc Cartridges

Add a ODS-L60E & 8 more drives

500MB/s Read

250MB/s Write

42U Rack Space


Store up to 1105TB

335 Optical Disc Cartridges

Add a ODS-L60E & 20 more drives

5500MB/s Read

2750MB/s Write

The speed capabilites

Sony Optical Disc archiving solutions can provide faster transfer time for even the largest of data files. You can compare how ODA performs against an Internet Link below.

Internet Link 1Gbps

6 Hours

Internet Link 10Gbps

13 Mins

Sony ODA 4Gbps Petasite

17 Mins

Sony ODA 40Gbps Petasite

1.5 Mins

Sony Optical Disc Petasites overcome the Internet bandwidth bottlenecks in sharing data and  maximises transfer speeds over 10GB Networks. This means your files can be archived, moved, accessed quicker than ever before.

Explore Optical Archiving further

Wolberry’s IT consultants and experts can help your business devise and implement a Sony Optical Disc Archiving solution today. Alternatively, you can check out our other pages regarding Optical Archiving.