Is your Network ready for Cloud?

If your business is looking to move operations to a cloud based environment, it’s important to consider the technical impact it will have on your infrastructure on various levels. This is vital when taking your business to platforms such as Microsoft 365.

What should you be asking about your IT?


Microsoft recommends direct internet connections to use their cloud solutions.

This is a challenge to most companies as their connections centrally route traffic through Hub-and-Spoke networks and ExpressRoute.

Can your network set up work in the cloud environment?


With an Office 365 solution, user traffic increases network utilization by 40%.

When companies firewalls aren’t able to handle the increased demands and tasks, the user experience will falter and render the cloud transition pointless.

Can your firewall cope with the increased demand a cloud solution will bring?


Migrating a business to a cloud platform certainly requires hardware upgrades and regularly updating of firewalls.

A majority of IT staff within companies can’t keep pace with the demands of deployment. Managing this is key to cloud infrastructure.

Can your IT staff help manage and deliver an optimal cloud solution?

Wolberry and Zscaler can get your network ready for Cloud

Wolberry can help tackle the challenges of migrating your business to the cloud including support with Zscaler products and services that offer multiple ways to help speed the deployment process and deliver a faster user experience.

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How Zscaler simplifies deployment

Quick Deployment

Because there’s no hardware or software to upgrade prior to deployment, you can be up and running in minutes.

One Click Configuration

Automatically configure Office 365 connection requirements with a single click.

Bandwidth control

Prioritize Office 365 to ensure that business-critical traffic takes precedence over recreational activities.

Avoid hardware refreshes

The Zscaler cloud has unlimited capacity to scale as your user demands grow. Appliances just can’t compete with that.

Let Wolberry smooth your transition to cloud with support for Zscaler, network and firewall solutions

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Already ready for platforms such as Microsoft 365 or Office 365?

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