Up to 88% of UK companies have suffered data breaches in the last 12 months.1 

Cybercriminals have more than 1.5 billion stolen credentials to choose from.2

Multifactor authentication prevents 99.9 per cent of cyber attacks according to Microsoft
According to Microsoft3 one simple action you can take to prevent 99.9% of attacks on your accounts – multi-factor authentication.

Did you know:

  • 81% of breaches are caused by credential theft?
  • 73% of passwords are duplicates?
  • 50% of employees use unapproved apps?

A small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds, according to Hiscox.4 Around 65,000 attempts to hack small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) occur in the UK every day, around 4,500 of which are successful. That equates to around 1.6 million of the 5.7 million SMBs in the UK per year.

Almost half of businesses (46%) and a quarter of charities (26%) report having had a cybersecurity breach or attack in the last 12 months.5

17% had reported more than one incident.6

Multi-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of security by requiring the user to add a 3rd piece of separately verified information like a pin code sent via text message or an automated call to a designated mobile number to gain access, thus making gaining entry via stolen credentials alone virtually impossible.

identity Access Management solutions

Wolberry Identity Access Management solutions

Wolberry Identity and Access Management solutions fit within your business budgets and your ways of working. 

Wolberry consultants have worked with Oxfam, British Standards Institute, Meggitt, Department for Transport, and Kantar to secure their digital identities, ready for secure Remote Working.

We offer independent advice for what is the best solution for your business and within your IT budgets. Our consultants will guide your business to make the appropriate decisions to meet your business needs.

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